Get Out of Jail Free….

“What is happening!?”, I cried out as the officer secured the cuffs around my wrists and lowered my head to guide me into the back of the patrol car… Right at that moment a large black raven flew past, talons covered in a peculiar but familiar orange dust. The construction worker was giving his statement to the other officer and I watched the raven perch on a construction dumpster, beady black eyes piercing me with a smirking look of accomplishment. Confused, I began to cry and that is when I abruptly shot up in my bed, covered in sweat, confused and yes, there were tears rolling down my cheek.

Thank God, it was only a nightmare… That is the last time I eat seafood after 8 p.m…. So what prompted this subconscious event? I retraced the prior day and there I was taking my morning walk. It was Saturday, so I took the longer route passed the new multi-million dollar home construction site. Surely there wouldn’t be any construction workers that early on a Saturday.

Minding my own business, I made my way through the neighborhood, this was going to be quite a community. I could only admire it from afar, way out of my income bracket. As I began to round the first cul de sac, I noticed that there was 1 lone construction worker at the southwest corner of the unfinished home. passing by the construction debris and dumpsters, I noticed that the workers tools were strewn out on what eventually would be the driveway.

At that very moment, a large raven swooped past me and downward toward the toolbox. The raven targeted an unopened small blue and orange bag of Cheetos. He swept the bag up with his beak and flew away. I was astonished, how on earth did that bird know that the unopened bag had food in it? Then I thought about the poor guy working so hard in the back of the house. He was gonna be sorely disappointed and not a little confused when he took a break for his snack.

I smiled, as I pictured him scratching his head and thinking, ” I’m sure I packed a bag of Cheetos?” As I turned the corner on the cul de sac, there just in front of me was the raven, he had dropped the bag and pecked a hole in it. As I approached him, he picked up a large Cheeto within his beak and casually flew past me. I laughed out loud, as I pictured the construction worker, scratching his head and a raven flying by him with Cheeto dust on his beak and talons.

Then it occurred to me that there were only two people on that cul de sac, the construction worker and myself. I considered telling the man what had happened, but I confess I thought it would be funny if he had to sort out the details for himself. I picked up my pace and moved quickly out of that cul de sac, I did not want to be accused of a crime I did not commit….

Made me think about how I draw conclusions based on what I know from those who have taught me, from personal experience and from glaring reality and facts. But sometimes the whole picture, story and set of facts doesn’t present itself all at once. I must remember when I cast judgment or make decisions, the truth sometimes takes a deeper dive to uncover, but is essential in the long run.

My father always told me “Assuming makes an _ss out of both you and me”. I confess I still make far too many assumptions and then must recant, and ask forgiveness whenever appropriate. I hope to learn to do a better job of holding out for truth. I wonder if that guy every missed his Cheetos? I wonder if that raven came back for more?…..

Author: nanette3

Proud of my adult sons!!!! Love the Beach!! Grateful to God for Life!! Dogs always make me smile! Story weaves lives together....

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