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Several weeks ago, I was at a Lifevantage gathering at one of our team member’s homes. It was cozy and friendly and being a dog lover, I couldn’t help but notice the adorable black lab that sauntered amongst the guests, hoping that they would lose grip on one of the many appetizers available. As the socializing diminished, the team leader called everyone to gather into the living room, and began to present the latest updates on our organization portfolio and promotions.

As the group looked on at the presentation, I scanned the lanai that led to the screened in patio and pool area. To my delight, there were 3 dogs standing with their snouts to the sliding doors looking intently in at the crowd. There was the Black Lab that I had seen earlier, a beautiful large Doberman and a muscular brindle Pit Terrier.

In my former career, I had taken many personality tests and quizzes designed to help the organization learn about the various personality types within a department. Theoretically, if you understand the predominant personality type within each employee or team member, it can help with management and organization and avoid unnecessary strife and discord. As with education, people learn and approach tasks and problems differently.

Well, as I looked at these 3 beautiful dogs, I noticed that the Black Lab was sitting and staring longingly into the house, her tail was wagging and she had an unmistakeable grin on her face as she proudly presented a flip flop. It was as if she was trying to communicate,” See I have retrieved this flip flop just for you, please let me in, I am longing for some hugs and treats.”

Next to the Black Lab stood the much taller and regal Doberman. He too was looking intently into the house, standing on all 4 legs and then with a loud noise jumping up and pounding on the glass door as if to force his way in. I could just hear him, “Let me in! I need to protect my master!”

Lastly, there was the beautiful brindle Pit Terrier. He stood on all 4 legs as well, wagging his tail , looking at the other two dogs and then glancing into the house. He seemed as if he just wanted to be in on the action, any action, and if his two buddies wanted in the house, well he did too…

Now I realize that these 3 dogs may not fit into any Meyers-Briggs or DISC personality quiz, but they do represent 3 personality types that we often find when a part of any group, whether family, work , church, school or numerous other settings. The Lab is the people pleaser, just wanting acceptance and love, very amiable and cozy to be with. The Doberman is the driven individual with a strong sense of identity and intensity in everything they do, nothing will get in their way if they can help it. The Pit Terrier, represents the strong and energetic pal who will work hard, play hard and hang with the group, doesn’t have much depth or concern, but definitely wants to work and be a part of the process.

As with any personality quiz, most of us will find a bit of ourselves in each of the defined quadrants or characters, but there is always a strong leaning towards one of the personality types. It is a beautiful thing when people come together with all of their unique qualities and learn how to work and play well. I know which of the dog personalities portrayed here represent my character traits the most, which one fits you?????

Author: nanette3

Proud of my adult sons!!!! Love the Beach!! Grateful to God for Life!! Dogs always make me smile! Story weaves lives together....

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