The Richest ….

It has been quite a while since my last post. Many changes occurring in life, which really just means life is as it always is, ever evolving. I spent some time this past week with some very dear friends and it made me think of a phrase that a particularly special friend says to me occasionally, “You’re the richest woman I know.”  If wealth were measured in terms of valuable relationships and the quality of the people in my life, then I will have to concur that I am  indeed rich, regardless of the condition of my bank statement.

I walk daily with the Lord and feel sure in His Loving presence and guidance. I have sons that honor and love me. It  leaves me beaming with pride for the men that they are and continue to grow into, as God directs their paths. I have numerous friends, all of whom have loved me generously through time, laughter, tears and toil. I have siblings, whom although so very different from me, are always there and have my back if life gets too complicated. My 86 year old mother, has the sweetest heart and so much wisdom to impart as number 9 of 11 children raised during the Depression.

Even though  I am grateful to learn that the statistics at present show a positive trend for our nation’s economy, I know many individuals who are still struggling financially.  Living in the American Culture can add to the pressure, since the things we take for granted are often luxuries in other societies. I am thankful for the safe warm place that I and my family reside in. I am thankful that I have a car that is getting closer to 200,000 miles, but runs like a charm. I am thankful for my own health, and that of my family. I am so thankful for the family and friends that God has abundantly Blessed me with.

Matthew 6:33-34 says “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (NIV Bible). And I will add to this, that God is Always Good, no matter what the trouble of the day brings.

What  makes you rich????

Author: nanette3

Proud of my adult sons!!!! Love the Beach!! Grateful to God for Life!! Dogs always make me smile! Story weaves lives together....

One thought on “The Richest ….”

  1. Nanette (even though you spell your name funny) you are one of the Richest people I know. Good to have you back expressing your heart, your faith and Joy. Gratitude is where it all starts, Thank You for being you.


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